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Schmitt Waterproofing, LLC is a foundation waterproofing, and yard drainage company focused on keeping the water and radon out of your home and yard. Keeping the water and radon out of your home sets us apart from most of our competitors! We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose basement, crawl space, and yard drainage issues that can help pull water away from your foundation to keep your home and yard dry. We strive to find the most effective solution that will resolve your issues while keeping costs in mind. WE DO NOT UPSELL YOU, a tactic many of our competitors employ! Our focus is to find the right solution for your home as each home and issue is unique.

Our services include Basement Leak Repair, Concrete Foundation Wall Crack Injections, Radon Testing and Mitigation, Yard Drainage Solutions, Retaining Walls, Foundation Reinforcement, Crawlspace Systems, and Encapsulation.

Service Highlights

Crack injections

Do you have cracks in your foundation walls? All concrete eventually cracks, but when you start to see water stains on foundation walls around cracks...

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Radon Testing and Mitigation

Are you concerned about radon in your home? For safety, we recommend that all homes be tested every 2 to 5 years. Schmitt Waterproofing is certified in testing and mitigation.

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Schmitt Waterproofing correctly shapes the land to direct the surface flow of water to stop pooling water and flooded yards.

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Schmitt Waterproofing specializes in satisfied customers! We look at how the water is entering the home and diagnose the problem. Our emphasis is to keep the water out. We treat your home as if it were our own and pride ourselves on leaving your property looking neat and tidy. We will provide the right solution at a reasonable price, making us your best choice to resolve foundation leaks, high radon levels, and yard drainage issues.

Keeping the Water Out

Schmitt Waterproofing specializes in basement and foundation solutions, radon mitigation, crawlspace systems, and yard drainage issues. If you see water stains on basement walls, flooded crawl spaces, or have concerns about radon in your home, or have drainage issues, let Schmitt Waterproofing show you what we can do. Schmitt Waterproofing has many waterproofing techniques that can eliminate flooding basement issues due to cracks in the foundation wall or water seeping along the foundation wall and floor. We specialize in keeping homes dry, and most of our solutions not only keep the water out of the house and end up saving our customers THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS compared to what our competitors charge. WE WILL NOT TRY TO UPSELL YOU PRODUCTS AND SERVICES YOU DO NOT NEED!

We specialize in radon testing and mitigation so you can have peace of mind sleeping at night knowing you aren’t breathing in this odorless carcinogenic gas. We are proud to offer many permanent solutions that can resolve yard drainage issues by designing a drainage system that is right for you.

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Other Services We Offer

Our other services include Basement Leak Repair, Concrete Foundation Wall Crack Injections, Radon Testing and Mitigation, Yard Drainage Solutions, Retaining Walls, Structural Crack Reinforcement, Crawlspace Systems, and Encapsulation.

“Great Customer Service, Would Highly Recommend. Josh Came Out Early And Explained Everything Step By Step! Great Job Cleaning Up After!”

Veronica Chamberlainon

There Was A Leak In My Basement That Let Water In Whenever It Rained Hard. Josh Did A Great Job Fixing It, And It Hasn’t Leaked Since. He Was Very Professional, Nice, And He Cleaned Up After Himself.

Alex Bruce

Josh Did A Wonderful Job On Our Foundation Wall. He Ran Into A Couple Of Problems Which Was Not Of His Making So He Had A To Make A Second Trip Which Was Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty. He Was A Pleasure To Work With And His Pricing Was Very Good Also. I Would Highly Recommend Schmitt Waterproofing.

Rusty Sosebee